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May, 2013 – Interview, Huffington Post: “Marijuana Magazines Scrutinized In Colorado, May Be Treated Like Porn”.  

NOTE: High Times, as an initial Plaintiff, successfully challenged the State of Colorado and Governor Hickenlooper in forcing the legislature to rescind as unconstitutional that portion of the law cited in the article above that required that marijuana related publications be sold in marijuana only shops or from behind the counter of other shops frequented by patrons under the age of 21.

April, 2013 - Panel Moderator,  High Times 1stU.S. Cannabis Cup, “Federalism and Supremacy of the Controlled Substances Act in light of medical and legalized marijuana in Washington and Colorado”, Denver, Colorado.

March, 2013 – Panelist, Cardozo Law School – “The War on Drugs – Working Towards a Ceasefire” Symposium, hosted by The Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal.  David lectured on the subject of the US Constitution, the Supremacy Clause, and nullification of the federal Controlled Substances Act by state sanctioned medical and recreational marijuana laws.

November, 2012 – “Petition For Clemency For Five Elderly Petitioners From Life Without Parole Sentences For Marijuana”  

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August, 2010 – Commentary – Albany Times Union – “Pot Smuggling Case and Federalism Argument” discussing challenge to Schedule I classification of marijuana under federal Controlled Substances Act.  

April, 2010 – Panelist, New York City, “The Marijuana Conference”.  David lectured  venture capitalists and hedge fund managers about the legal trends involving medical marijuana.

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November, 2007 – Interview – New York Daily News: “Clinic: Stop Leak of Names Linked To Alleged Steroid Use”  

April, 2007 – Above The Law blog – Report on Charney vs Sullivan & Cromwell  

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