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Client Reviews

  • Outstanding lawyer and person

    I've worked with David for several years and all I can say is that he is outstanding both on a professional and personal level. His leadership is inspiring and his knowledge sets a new standard. We worked on a very complicated estate case and he guided me through every single step making smooth a…

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  • Dave Holland is a fabulous lawyer !!!

    I cannot say enough about Dave, he is a lawyer one can trust in all aspects, We have used Dave for over 12 years and have never been disappointed. He is one of the most trustworthy and ethical lawyers. We have used Dave in many different areas of the law and his knowledge is mind boggling ! We tr…

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  • Terrific lawyer

    We hired David for our apartment closing. He was so diligent and helped us through many difficult situations and found the best solutions to them. David was over and above in commitment and expertise. My husband and I were extremely impressed by his work. David is kind and thorough and very easy …

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  • Brilliant Lawyer and Man

    David Holland has represented me in several cases and all were handled with extreme professionalism and ease. He was tireless in his efforts to make sure my outcomes were positive. Not only is he experienced and handles situations with the upmost expertise, he is a kind and brilliant person. If y…

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  • Brilliant lawyer and an amazing person

    I have hired David Holland for both corporate and personal reasons. He is absolutely brilliant and meticulously considers all aspects of the situation. David is exceedingly well versed in the law and thoughtfully considers all possible options. What is exceptional is that he takes his work and hi…

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  • Integrity above all

    David Holland is a man of great integrity who possesses an exhaustive knowledge of the law. I've known him for 20 years and have watched him fight for clients big and small. As an attorney he wins big because he thinks big. If myself or a member of my family were in need of legal assistance, Davi…

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  • Municipality

    As Town Supervisor for the Town of Mamakating I would highly recommend David. He is clear in his communications, patient with the slow grind of government, flexible and most importantly, highly talented, intelligent, thoughtful and stays in touch communicating every aspect of the case at hand. Al…

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  • Intelligence, Integrity, Tenacious but Honorable

    I met Mr. Holland at a good and bad time. I had won my election but wanted to challenge the voters who stayed in bungalows for the summer who seemed to want to try to influence the election. He was very patient with me, explaining every step of the way, many times more than once. He was very thor…

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  • Best Man for the Job-A Small Business Owner's Right Hand

    David Holland has been there for my small business every step of the way. From lease renewals, contractual advice and review, permits and general support and navigation, he really brings his knowledge and heart to everything he does.

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  • Appreciative client

    David is a thorough and totally professional attorney who has successfully guided me through some complex issues. He is forceful when necessary, and yet also knows when a more subtle touch is required. He gets results, which is exactly what one wants from a lawyer.

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  • Talented and Reassuring

    Dave Holland is exactly the attorney you want when you need straight advice on complicated matters, explained to you in language you can understand. Easy to work with. If you're looking for a yeller and screamer you probably have the wrong guy, but personally I'd be glad to have Dave Holland in m…

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