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As a recent Partner in the firm of Prince Lobel Tye LLP and former Principal of The Law Offices of David Clifford Holland P.C., David has more than two decades of experience as a civil and criminal litigator  advocating for cannabis related matters. The firm is one of the foremost authorities on the legal issues related to the cannabis industry including producing national and international tradeshows and cannabis themed events such as the High Times ”Cannabis Cup”. The firm is highly sought after as a Canna-Business legal advisor to municipalities, private investors, and less seasoned  cannabis lawyers.  David Holland provides critical insight and legal expertise  as a news media resource and regularly lectures to politicians, community groups, and is a frequent panelist  at many multi-disciplinary legal seminars regarding cannabis legalization.

Critical to the firm's success is the emphasis of a strong and open relationship between Counsel and the Client.  Together we explore all the available options and discuss the short and long term implications that each strategic choice may have on the litigation, business, or public advocacy path to be charted. Working closely together greatly enhances the attorney-client relationship while largely reducing the risks of miscommunication or making decisions which negatively impact outcomes.  Our goals never deviate from winning whether in public relations, in settlement negotiations or at trial.

We have obtained significant results on behalf of clients in the areas of cannabis law, employment discrimination, First Amendment, complex civil litigation and criminal defense. We have deep experience pursuing constitutional claims challenging the federal scheduling and prohibition of cannabis, handling civil rights and discrimination  claims, fighting for  freedom of speech and the press, suppression motions based search and seizure issues, and the right to Due Process in both civil and criminal matters.

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