“David is a zealous attorney, effective advocate, and my close confidante of
several years.  I value his opinion and insights as my Of Counsel and often
request them on civil and criminal matters that I handle.”

Michael Kennedy, Esq., Civil Rights Advocate and Criminal Defense Attorney

“I have consulted and worked with David for years on a number of civil and criminal matters.  He is very enthusiastic, insightful, and capable.  It is a pleasure to work together.”

Richard Willstatter, Esq., Green & Willstatter – Immediate Past President – NYSACDL

“David and I have worked well together on a number matters and I look forward to future opportunities to do so again.  He is tenacious and determined to do his level best for every client.”

Daniel Arshack, Esq., Arshack, Hajek & Lehrman, PLLC – Past President – NYSACDL

“David and I have worked as co-counsel on a number of truly difficult state and federal cases each of which have posed rare and challenging legal and factual issues.  Together we obtained an acquittal in a federal death penalty eligible case.  David is a good trial attorney and has developed enduring legal theories and written briefs that have produced very positive results on the outcome of the litigation.”

Marvin E. Schechter, Esq., Former Board Member - NACDL, Past President - NYSACDL

“David and I consulted for many years on our respective cases out of the State of Florida
which involved the internet sale and compounding of steroids and HGH that was
the focus of the Major League Baseball scandal investigated by Sen. George
Mitchell.  He was a trusted ally and developed legal strategies that
undermined the Prosecution’s case causing the dismissal of the serious
charges.  Our relationship continues today as we consult each other regularly on
federal and state matters.”

Amy S. Tingley, Esq., Stovash, Case and Tingley P.A.

“I have had the privilege of working with David on several occasions and regularly consult with him.  David is quick to determine a coherent strategy and in implementing the same to resolve an issue.  I have recommended him to several clients who all have had very positive results and comment on his skills and positive outlook.”

Gary Ireland, Esq., Employment Law and Executive Advisor

“David Holland is an excellent attorney.  He is professional, knowledgeable and efficient.  He is extremely responsive, trustworthy and personable.”

Ellen O’Connell, Vice President at International Rescue Committee

“David is a fantastic attorney.  He has reviewed, commented on, and helped negotiate very difficult business contracts for me.  He is always at least one step ahead.”

Charles Russell, Executive Vice President at Stribling & Associates


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